Artists Workshop

Your Creation Station’s Artists Workshop is great way to introduce your artist to all the project media we have in the studio.  We do four projects in four weeks for one price.  A new Artists Workshop starts on the first or second Friday of every month.  The target age for the workshop is 6 to 12, but we’re pretty flexible and have had younger artists, teenage artists and older artists, who like to create with their grandchildren.  During the school year, the workshop runs on Friday afternoons, 4:30 to 6 PM.  We also hold the Artists Workshop during the summer but generally move the time to the morning…so there is plenty of time to get to beach.

Artists Workshop – Week 1: Clay

Artists' Workshop Clay ProjectThe first week starts with the most basic and abundant material in the studio…clay.  Everyone gets their hands dirty right from the start.  Projects change from workshop to workshop but we always make something cool, some projects we’ve done in the past include: whistles, lidded boxes, tea cups, coiled vases and bowls to name a few.  Not only is it fun to make your own pottery but the Artists are also introduced to the process involved.  They learn how clay is prepared, worked, fired, glazed and then fired again.  They also have the opportunity to work hands on with the tools we have in the studio under the guidance of a professional potter.

Artists Workshop – Week 2: Painting

Artists' Workshop Painting ProjectThe second week is a painting project and the Artists paint a piece of bisque we carry in the store.  For the workshop, we talk about how to use and apply the underglazes at Your Creation Station to achieve various effects on the final piece.  We discuss and demonstrate the basics of transparency, translucency and opacity as it relates to the colors we use and the ceramic process.  The painting project is generally themed and we all work together on the idea using the same or similar items.  Even so, the results are as individual as the kids themselves.

Artists Workshop – Week 3: Glass

Artists' Workshop Fused Glass ProjectThird week is a fused glass mosaic tile.  The idea behind the project is to use smaller pieces to make a larger picture.  Each artist gets a square piece of clear glass and chooses from other pieces of colored glass to create their mosaic with.  Students are reacquainted with the idea of colors and translucency as it relates to glass and how these factors influence their project.

Artists Workshop – Week 4: Tie-Dye

Artists' Workshop Tie Dye ProjectFor the last class we tie-dye, either a shirt, a towel, a bag or something else.  Artists get to pick the design and colors they want for their tie-dye, we tie it up and then apply the dye.  Everyone leaves with their new tie-dye and instructions for washing out at home that day.    Generally on the last class students will finish any other remaining projects.

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