Ceramic Pictures

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First Snowfall Photo First Snowfall Ceramic Picture

Here’s a unique photography idea you won’t find any where else, a Ceramic Picture.  At Your Creation Station we can take almost any picture, digital or print, color or black and white, and glaze it right into a ceramic tile.  We don’t use lasers or sublimation ink…we melt the picture right into the tile. The picture itself isn’t harmed in any way and you get the original back.

Tiles, Trays, Frames, Trivets, Coasters…

Unique Photography Ideas

Smith’s Bridge over the Brandywine River in Wilmington, DE. Done on six tiles in a tray.

Once we get the picture, we’ll make any adjustments needed to make it fit on the tile or tiles and to ensure the main subject doesn’t get lost in the background.  We’ll send you a proof of what it will look like when complete and then fire the picture into the tiles.  After the tiles come out of the kiln we’ll mount them in in a frame, handmade, right here in our studio, finished per your specifications.  There are any number of sizes and layouts to choose from.  We also have a selection of stains and paints for finishing the frame.

What You Need to Do

Bring your picture to Your Creation Station, or or e-mail over, select your layout, type of frame and the finish you want and we take care of the rest.  Ceramic Pictures make highly personal unique gifts and keepsakes. We can even put a message on it for you.

Choosing a Picture

While any picture will work, some pictures are better suited than others for making making the photograph really pop.  The final result will be sepia colored regardless of if it was a color or black and white photograph to begin with.  As such, pictures with high contrast tend to work better than pictures with low contrast.  People in light colored clothing (white, pink, yellow, etc.) against dark backgrounds work every time while people in dark colored clothing against dark backgrounds. not quite so much.  If we think there isn’t enough contrast in the picture, we may have to adjust the background before making the tile.

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