Christmas Ideas and Inspiration

MistletoesPicking out what you want to make may be the hardest part but deciding what you want to do with it can be a close second.  Don’t sweat it though, everyone needs some inspiration from time to time.  Fortunately, help is never more than a click away and Your Creation Station maintains a pretty active Pinterest page including a board devoted to Christmas Themed ideas.  We’ve manageed to find a way to pull a bunch of our pins from that board into this post.  Check back often as we’ll be pinning more to this board as we find stuff!

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Handprint cardinals lovely Christmas gifChristmas Tree 8.5" Bold Floral Tea Set Personalized Candy C 8x10 Christmas Tree Black platter with C
Fun holiday plate toHow to transfer photfused glass cardinalornamentHand Painted PersonaHandprint Plate ChriChristmas Tree ServiBrush stroke tree on
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