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This is the complete contents of the e-mail message we sent to our e-mail list subscribers requesting that they reconfirm their e-mail newsletter subscription.  The message was sent at some point between March 7, 2013 and March 11, 2013.

Text of the Email Newsletter Resubscribe Request Message

Your Creation Station

Let’s face it, no one likes SPAM in their inbox.  I sure don’t and I assume you don’t either.  Its been over two years (Dec. 28, 2010 to be exact) since we sent the last email newsletter from Your Creation Station, and even longer since one was sent regarding Ryefield Ceramics Inc.  Which brings us to why you’re receiving this message…

Why Your Receiving This

At some point in the last eight years, you either came into our store (Your Creation Station), walked into our booth (Ryefield Ceramics Inc.) at a craft show or attended another event we were at, put pen to paper and signed up to receive our e-mail newsletter.  Our newsletter would go out once or twice a month and provided information about what was going on at the studio, where we were going to be, etc..  A complete archive of these message can be found on our website.   Although the email newsletter was popular, we ran into technical difficulties, the list became difficult to maintain, the dog ate the computer monitor, other things came up and low and behold, we haven’t sent a message out in over two years.  Well, all that’s changed.

What’s Changed and What To Expect

Over the last couple of months we have upgraded both our Your Creation Station and our Ryefield Ceramics Inc websites.  Some of the changes include: better support for mobile phones and tablets, an online store for Ryefield Ceramics Inc, an upgraded website and blog for Your Creation Station and the start of a more robust email newsletter, powered by MailChimp.  Starting today, our newsletter subscribers are now able to select what types of information they receive from us through a very simple registration/preference page.  Basically, you sign up for the Newsletter and can optionally have emails sent to you about blog posts, craft shows, events, workshops and other things.  We still will not be firing emails out every day but it won’t be once every two years anymore either.

What To Do If You Want to Keep Receiving Our Email Newsletter

In order to continue receiving our Email Newsletter, you will need to re-register your email address with us.  Let’s face it, two years is a long time…a lot can happen and we don’t want to litter your inbox with unwanted message.  The easiest way to resubscribe is to fill out the registration form, select the categories you wish to receive email about, choose your preferred format and submit the form.  After submitting the form, go to your inbox and follow the link provided to activate your subscription.  It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the whole process.  You can unsubscribe or change your preferences at any time.  While you’re on the site, take a look around, we’ve updated quite a bit and there is still more to come.  You will also find our Privacy Policy.  Rest assured, we will not sell, lend or otherwise give away your contact information.

What To Do If You Don’t Want Email From Us Again

Please, don’t mark this message as spam.  If you don’t want to receive email updates from us, don’t do anything, this will be the last message you receive.  As part of upgrading our contact list, we have unsubscribed everyone.  The only way to resubscribe will be to follow the steps listed above.

Other Ways to Stay In Touch

Just because we haven’t sent emails in a while doesn’t mean we’ve been totally out of it.  There are any number of ways to stay abreast of what is happening including: our Facebook page, our Tweets, our Pinterest boards, our RSS feed, our phone (302-464-1044 – make sure you talk to a person) and our favorite way…stop in the store and say hello.

That’s all for now.  We hope you’ll choose to continue to receive our emails and paint pottery…and tie-dye…and melt glass…


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