Email Preferences for Our Newsletter

Email Preferences for our NewsletterIf you’re anything like us, you probably don’t like spam and you don’t have a lot of time for information your not interested in.  Although we’d like you to know about EVERYTHING we do, you may not.  So here’s a breakdown of the information you can expect to see depending on your email preferences.

How to Manage Your Email Preferences

Its easy to update and maintain your email preferences for the Your Creation Station Newsletter.  Just go to our signup form, enter your email address, make your changes and submit.  You can update your preferences as often as you like and unsubscribe anytime.

Frequency Preferences

There are three options for Frequency email preferences: Daily, Weekly (default) or Monthly.  Please note, the frequency denotes the MOST often you will receive emails from us and not necessarily how often.  Let’s face it, we would rather spend our time on pottery than email.  Even though you sign up for Daily emails, you won’t get an email a day and if you do, it won’t last for very long.  If you want to see things as they appear on the internet, choose Daily for your email preference.  If you’re willing to wait until Tuesday morning for the latest update, choose Weekly.  Monthly emails subscriptions will be a digest of all categories you select sent at the beginning of the month.  We may send the occasional message outside of your selected categories and frequency but it won’t be very often.

Your Creation Station Preferences

As of this writing, there are three options for emails preferences regarding Your Creation Station: Events, Classes & Workshops and Ideas & How To’s.  The categories should be pretty self explanatory.  Events are things like fundraisers, special promotions, fairs and other announcements.  Classes & Workshops get you announcements of Artist Workshops and other workshops we have at Your Creation StationTips & How To’s will be posts on painting techniques, projects and other useful information about what we offer at the studio.

Ryefield Ceramics Preferences

When we’re not in the studio, we’re somewhere else, probably selling our pottery.  The options in this category will put our Craft Show schedule, News about Ryefield Ceramics and any Online Specials we run on our Ryefield Ceramics website.  Checking any of these options will provide a subset of the same emails as on our Ryefield Ceramics email newsletter.  If your on the Your Creation Station list AND the Ryefield Ceramics list, you’ll get some duplicate messages.

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