Middletownopoly Available at Your Creation Station

Talk about growing up fast…did you know that Middletown turns 150 years old this year!  To celebrate, the town has a slew of activities on the slate.  One of the coolest (I think) is the release of the 150th Anniversary Edition of Middletownopoly and it is available for purchase at Your Creation Station.
MiddletownopolyMuch like the game with a similar name, the Middletownoply board has properties, railroads and utilities you buy, build houses and hotels on, or pay rent to the owner when you land on them, as you move around the board.  The thing that makes Middletownopoly so cool is that all the properties are local Middletown businesses!  Your Creation Station is where Park Place would be on the generic board.  Not only are all the properties named for local businesses but so are utilities, railroads and playing cards.

The game comes complete in a shrink wrapped box with everything you need to sit down and start playing, including dice, playing pieces, paper money, houses, hotels and playing cards.
Middletown Main StreetThe game was put together by Middletown Main Street, a non-profit, organization working with the community to revitalize the downtown district into a thriving cultural and retail destination while maintaining its historic character.  All proceeds generated from game sales and property sponsorship go back into the community and stay right here in



The game is now available at Your Creation Station and other Middletown stores for $35, all money goes to support Middletown Main Street.  Keep an eye out for playing pieces you can paint!

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