Paw Print Plates!

Handprints are always a great way to personalize a mug, plate or platter.  But what if your little one has paws?  Try some paw prints instead!  The process for paws is essentially the same as it is for hands, the first step is to pick the color you would like the whole plate to be.

Paw PrintsPicking Colors

In general, lighter colored backgrounds with darker/more contrasting colored paws really makes the paws pop off the plate.  Once you’ve picked the background color, you’ll want to paint the plate.  For a solid color, apply three coats of the underglaze allowing it to dry between coats.  Another option is to pick one, two or three background colors and sponge the colors on, this will give a more mottled appearance to the plate.  The bisque is porous and will suck the paint in so by the time you finish your first coat, you’ll be ready for the second.  We have a hair dryer to help the whole process along too.

Making the Paw Print

After the plate is painted and dry, its time to add the paw print.  With children, its easier to squirt the paint into their palm, paint the hand and then apply.  With dogs, it goes a little different.  We’ll make a small puddle of paint for the pup to put their paw in before placing it right on the plate.

After getting the paws on the place, feel free to add any finishing touches you want.  Names and dates are always popular but let your imagination run wild.  We even have a selection of add-on pieces for more embellishment.  Once you’ve got the plate just the way you like it, we’ll glaze and fire it for you!

When To Bring Your Paws

Of course, the main player in a paw print plate is the painter with the paws and sooner or later your dog will be making an appearance in the studio.  Everyone’s pup is different.  Some are more relaxed around people, children and other dogs while some are less so.  If you’re unsure about how your pooch will handle being in a pottery studio, esp. when we have a lot of dogs or children in (like at a fundraiser), you may want to paint your plate before bringing the dog in for prints.  Some people prefer the paint now-print later approach even if their dog is super mellow, loves crowds and other dogs as it allows them to paint without having to worry about watching their dog at the same time.  Still others would rather have their companion right beside them for the whole process.  From our perspective, it doesn’t matter which approach you’d prefer, we’re here to help you.  Our staff has a lot of experience printing paws and while not all of us have dogs, we are all very comfortable working with them and other animals as well.

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