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Clay Faces

Happy Faces

We’re excited to announce a new workshop at Your Creation Station geared to aspiring pre-school potters aged 3-5 years old.  The half hour workshop runs six Fridays starting March 4 at 10 AM.  We’ll make a themed project out of clay one week and then paint it the next. 

The workshop is modeled after the highly successful weekly Ceramics Lunch Bunch Steve has been doing for the last five years in North Wilmington.  On the clay days, we pick a theme and use our imagination to create a project along those lines.  The clay dries and gets fired before we paint it the next week.  Some examples of past projects include, hearts for Valentine’s day, leaf plaques for fall, snowflakes for winter…one week the clay was cold from being in the car so we brainstormed about things that we do in the cold and ended up making sleds.  You should see the results, some sleds had rails to hold onto, one girl made a toboggan and another put a snowman on top.  There was even a sled with a hill underneath it.

At this age, the children’s imaginations are boundless.  While some pieces may look more realistic than others, every one of them comes complete with a story attached to it.  What looks like a blob of clay smooshed on top of another blob of clay to an adult eye is really a magic wand that turns the grass underneath it rainbow colors to the eye who created it.  Its not all imagination though, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and completely the children pick up on the ceramic process.  After the six weeks are up, they’ll be able to explain how the clay needs to dry before its fired, how it changes during the fire and how the colors change after the glaze fire.

We’re really looking forward to this class and hope you are too.  The cost of the class is $60 and includes all the material.  Participation is limited to ten children.  Parents may stay but they are encouraged to drop the children off and grab a cup of coffee or pretzel while we create.  Call to reserve your spot today.

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