Make and Paint Raku Workshop

Autumn brings cool weather, shorter days and new activities for everyone.  At Your Creation Station it brings Raku.

Peeking in the Kiln

Here’s the view through the top vent in the kiln. As the pieces heat up, you can see the glaze start to melt on the surface.

Join us for a two part Make and Paint Raku Workshop you’ll be sure to remember.  The workshop runs two Tuesdays, November 19 and again on the 26th starting at 6:30 PM.  Participants will make a piece of pottery the first week and paint AND fire it the next.  This will be the first year workshop participates will be able make their pieces as well as actually see them being fired.

About Raku

Raku is a Japanese firing technique often interpreted to mean “Enjoyment“, “Comfort” or “Ease“.  Traditionally, raku was used to make tea bowls used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  In the mid 20th century, Paul Soldner popularized the technique in the United States by introducing a ‘reduction’ phase to the firing cycle.  The process is quite spectacular to watch, exciting to do and you are sure to achieve awe inspiring, singularly unique results.

The Process

Normally at Your Creation Station, we place the pottery in an electric kiln and heat the pieces slowly, for about 5 hours, and cool them even slower for about 18 hours.  We take the pots out of the kiln when they are cool to touch.  In a raku fire, we use a special propane fired kiln that heats up in 15 minutes.  Once hot, the whole top of the kiln is removed and the red hot glowing pieces are placed into small pails filled with newspaper.  The heat from the pots causes the paper to ignite and burn before putting the lid on the pail.  The flames continue to burn consuming all the oxygen in the pail.  When the oxygen in the pail is gone, the fire feeds on the oxygen in the glaze on the pots to make deep reds, coppery lusters and white crackle finishes.

What To Expect

Tea Cup

The basic form we will be making in the workshop.

For the workshop we will make a variation on a traditional slab-built Japanese Tea Cup.  The first week will be devoted to rolling out the clay, creating the form and adding any surface adornments to the piece.  The pieces will dry and be bisque fired before the second week.  The second week, participants glaze the pieces and we fire them right in front of you.  You will be able to peek inside the hot kiln and actually see the glazes melt on the pots.  Participants will leave the second week with their finished piece.

The cost of the workshop is $35 for both weeks, all material is included.  Please call Your Creation Station at 302-464-1044 to reserve your spot before they are all taken.

Some Finished Pieces

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