Studio Time

From: $20.00

Purchase Studio Time for a hour and a half, for up to 4 people. Studio Time is priced per person.  You will receive a Gift Certificate equal to the value of your studio time after checkout for use online or in the studio. Please see the description below for complete details.

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  • Gift Certificate of $20.00


Studio Time for up to eight people to paint pottery, canvases, tie-dye or any other project.  After purchase, you’ll receive a Gift Certificate equal to the value of your studio time for use on our Online Studio or at the the studio.

Each time slot will provide access to the studio in groups of up to eight people.  Each group will be able to come into the studio at the start of their time and stay for an hour and a half.  At the end of the your time slot, every one in your party will need to leave to allow the next group to come in and allow for our staff to clean and prepare for our next guest.

If you haven’t finished your project by the end of your reserved time slot, you can take it home with you to finish and bring it back for glazing.  Extensions of time slots will be determined on a case by case basis.  It pretty much comes down to – if we can, we probably will but if we can’t, we won’t.

If you would like to get an idea of what’s available, please visit our Online Studio, Facebook page, Instagram and other social media to get an idea of what you want to work on. You can even order pieces before hand and we’ll have them ready for you.

You will receive a Gift Certificate, with no expiration date, equal to the value of this purchase after checkout.  The Gift Certificate can be used towards purchasing projects online or in the studio.

Given the restrictions we currently face we need to make a few adjustments to what you would usually expect at Your Creation StationReservations are for new projects only, each person in the group has to be working on a new project.

We are asking our guests to limit time slots to one per group per day. That means if person A makes a reservation for persons A, B, C and D, please don’t have person B make another right after for persons A, B, C and D, etc..  Our intent it to make the studio available to as many people as we can.  Of course, if we can accommodate your group for another time slot we will.

So far, we haven’t had the number of people visiting we normally see during the summer and we’ve easily accommodated everyone whose visited.  We’ll continue to do our best and keep things moving smoothly.  In the end, we want you to have a good time and be happy as much as possible.