Tips for Holiday Gift Making

Santa Plate

Santa Clause is coming to town!

With almost no exceptions, people love getting a gift you made yourself.  As Your Creation Station begins its 8th Christmas gift making season, here are some things to keep in mind as you plan your gift making this holiday season.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Why Wait?

I couldn’t tell you how or why but time definitely moves faster the older we get.  It may seem like Christmas is far away but it will be here before you know it.  Although we’re here for you should you decide to wait until the last minute to make something, the sooner you get to it the better.  You’ll be more relaxed making it easier to enjoy making your gifts, you’ll have plenty of time to pick your gifts up and there will be time to make a another if something goes wrong.  We’re also more likely to have the item you want earlier in the season than later.  As the big day approaches, some items tend to sell out and are harder to restock.

Items Made From Clay

Lighted Christmas Tree

Sometimes we can’t restock our more popular pieces the closer it gets to Christmas.

Remember, if you’ve made Christmas ornaments at one of our Clay Ornament Workshops or you made a clay imprint of someones hands or feet, it will take at least three trip to Your Creation Station before you have your finished pieces.  One trip to make them, at least one trip to paint them and one trip to pick them up.  There will be a week between the time you make your ornaments and when they are ready to paint.  We’ve noticed it takes longer to paint the ornaments than it does to make them.  After they are painted, expect it to be a couple of days before they are fired.

Picking Up Your Finished Pieces

What Day to Pick Them Up

We fire our kilns as soon as they fill up, and during the holidays, our kilns fill up fast.  Although, getting your piece back the next day may be a little optimistic, its not unreasonable to expect them to be ready anytime from 3 to 5 days after you finish painting it.  We’ll put the pick up date on the top right corner your receipt to help you remember but please don’t wait for us to call, just come in.  Check out our Christmas Schedule 2015 for important dates and deadlines.

What Time to Pick Up

We’re open everyday but Monday, Tuesdays through Saturdays are 10 to 7 and Sundays are noon to five, come in then.  If you’re coming in on the day we promised your pieces would be ready, please wait until after 2PM.  It generally takes until the afternoon before the kiln is cool enough to be unloaded.

Who Can Pick Up & What Should They Bring

Ornaments In the Kiln

Once painted, your pieces are dipped and then fired.

If you want someone else to pick up your finished gifts for you, no problem, however, please make sure the person picking up knows what the pieces are (ex. a Santa mug and a unicorn bank) that they are picking up.  Knowing what to pick up is single most important part of getting your pieces.  The best possible way to go would be to make sure you, or your emissary, have the yellow receipt we gave you with the pieces and signatures listed on it.  Asking for “the Smith order” would be the worst way to go unless they know what the Smith’s made.

If your sending someone to pick up a gift you made and that gift is for them, please try to let us know before they get here.  We’ll try not to spoil the surprise.

Where to Go For Inspiration

Our Studio

Nativity Set

More involved projects take more time to complete.

Come to Your Creation Station!  We admit it, we’re a bit biased but we do think this is the best place to come for inspiration.  We’re proud of the creative, can-do atmosphere in our studio and you’ll be hard pressed to find any place that comes close to matching it.  Come in, look at some finished pieces, look at some pieces in progress, talk to our staff or customers in the store working and your sure to be inspired.  Remember, you’re more creative than you give yourself credit for.

Social Media

A great place to look for ideas is in the social media.  Check out your friends’ Facebook posts, scan through Pinterest or even browse through some Etsy shops.  Your Creation Station maintains accounts on all the major social media sites including: Facebook and Pinterest.  In fact we have a very active Christmas Project Idea board as well as a Fused Glass board with lots of Christmas ideas.  Looking for something to make with hand or foot prints…we’ve got a board for that too!


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