Valentine’s Day Canvas Painting


If you’ve never thought of it before, Your Creation Station is a great place for a date.  Through the years, we’ve seen our share of first dates, date nights and innocent flirtation.  Heck, I met my girlfriend here and we’ve even hosted a wedding reception!  With all this love in the air, we figured that this year, we should host a Valentine’s Day workshop.  In fact, we decided to have two of them.

Join us the afternoon of Valentine’s Day, February 12, 2015 at 1:30 PM and again that evening at 7 PM for one of two Canvas Painting workshops.  The afternoon workshop we will be painting an adorable owl holding a heart appropriately titled, “Who Loves You“.  Later in the evening, we will be painting two love birds on a wire, named Love Birds.  We’ll take you step by step through the process of painting the selected design.  Although your welcome to follow along brush stroke by brush stroke, both designs have plenty of opportunity to break away from the standard color scheme or add personal elements for a unique Valentine’s Day gift.

Signing up is easy, give us a call at the studio or register online.  As always you’re welcome to bring anything you like to eat and drink, we’ll have some light snacks to share as well.

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Upcoming Canvas Painting Workshops

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