Visiting Your Creation Station In the New Year

Due to current restrictions on businesses in Delaware, Your Creation Station is required to limit the number of people in our studio. In order to meet these restrictions, we have had to adjust how we seat customers at our studio. Our goal is to make the studio available to as many people who want to come in as possible, remain in compliance with the governor’s directives and keep our doors open. As such, we are providing this guide to help you plan visits to Your Creation Station in the new year. While the number of people allowed in may change if the governor sees fit to do so, we expect to be operating this way for the foreseeable future.

Our Time and Space Capacity

We are currently seating no more than 10 people, total, in the studio at a time. We have 5 tables for seating. Everyone in your party, regardless of age, counts as a person, whether working on a project or not. Time for working on projects is available during fixed time slots of 90 minute throughout the day, there is a 30 minute buffer between each time slots for cleaning . Time Slots begin at 10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, 4 PM and 6 PM Tuesdays to Saturday and 12 PM, 2 PM and 4 PM on Sundays.

Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs

Projects are available for pick up or drop off during normal business hours. Appointments are not needed to pick up or drop off. Projects for pickup are in the front of the studio, on a wire rack to the right of the door at you walk through it or under the counter to the left of the rack as you face it. When dropping projects off to be fired, please be sure to include your name, phone number and your order number.

For more details, please see our guide on picking up and dropping off. To order new projects to work at home, please order from our online studio and select Curbside Pickup as your shipping option.

Working In the Studio

The current restrictions on businesses in Delaware has forced us to change many longstanding practices regarding how long you can stay, when you can come and who you can come with when visiting Your Creation Station. As such, we have broken the day into discrete time periods for people to work on projects in the studio. Having distinct Time Slots will help us to accommodate people who want to work in the studio, those who want to purchase, pick up or drop off projects, remain compliant with the governor’s directives, avoid fines/closure and keep our doors open for business. It also helps us to manage our business in ways we actively and deliberately avoided in the past.


Walk in are welcome but subject to availability and the same time and capacity restrictions described here. Please check when you arrive or call ahead to see how it looks. If we can seat you we will but if we can’t we won’t. The surest way to get a seat is to reserve a time slot ahead of your visit.

Reserving A Time Slot for New Projects

Reserving a Time Slot is the surest way to have a seat for everyone in your party. Reservations can be made on-line up to one hour before each available time slot. or by calling the studio. We strongly encourage everyone to make reservations on-line when possible. A fee is required to reserve a Time Slot but you will receive a Studio Time Gift Certificate equal to the value of your fee, to use online or at the store. Terms and restrictions apply and are described below.

Reservations are available for each of the time slots described above. Reservations are for the time period, not for a length of time. At the end or your time slot, you will have to leave. If you haven’t finished your projects by the end of your reserved time slot, you can take it home to finish and bring it back for glazing.  Extensions of time slots will be determined on a case by case basis.  It pretty much comes down to – if we can, we probably will but if we can’t, we won’t.

We are asking our guests to limit time slots to one per group per day. That means if person A makes a reservation for persons A, B, C and D, please don’t have person B make another right after for persons A, B, C and D, etc.. Of course, if we can accommodate your group for another time slot we will.

Reservation Fee

There is a $20 per person fee for reserving studio time.  However, you will receive a Studio Time Gift Certificate equal to the value of your reservation fee after checkout.  If you cancel your reservation or fail to show, no refund will be given but you will be able to keep and use the gift certificate to use either on-line or at the studio.

The following terms apply to Reservations and Studio Time Gift Certificates:

– Reservations are for the time period you reserved, not for a length of time. If you arrive late for your time slot and we are unable to accommodate your group into the next time slot, you will need to leave at the end of your time slot.
– New Reservations require a new fee
Gift Certificates to Your Creation Station, purchased online or at our studio may be used to reserve Studio Time.
Studio Time Gift Certificates are NOT VALID for reserving additional studio time.

Completing Unfinished Projects

We realize everyone works at a different pace and some projects take longer to complete than other. If you are unable to complete your project during your visit, you are welcome to come back to finish it. A new reservation fee will not be required to complete a project. Please make arrangements for a new appointment before you leave or call the studio to book you appointment. At this time, reservations for time slots to complete projects can only be made by phone or in person.

Wear a Mask and Stay Away From Others

As mandated by the the governor of Delaware, all guests over the age of kindergarten are required to wear masks at all times. If you are unable to wear a mask, for any reason, we’re sorry, but you will not be allowed to enter the studio, even if you have paid to reserve a time slot.  Please consider shopping from our Online Studio and select Curbside Pickup from the shipping options during checkout as a reasonable accommodation.  Social distancing of at least 6 feet and other restrictions outlined in the governor’s mandate also apply.