That’s Going To Be What Color….???

Woodie Bank UnpaintedThere are a lot of really cool things about pottery and one of them is how dramatically the color changes in the kiln.  We’re always being asked questions like…”Is this really going to come out red?” and “If putting more coats on makes it darker, how come it keeps getting lighter the more I paint?”  Although it generally only takes one cycle of painting and firing to convince the uninitiated, the change is always amazing no matter how often you see it.  Here’s a couple of pictures of a piece I painted that shows just far it can go.

As soon as I saw this piece in the “New Items” section I knew that I had to get it for the store AND I really wanted to paint one myself.  Our family had a wood-paneled station wagon when I was a kid so it brought me back a little.  I took my time deciding how to paint it but I finally decided on a combination of glazes and underglazes to get the effect I was looking for.  Here’s what I used…

  • Saddle Cove Courtyard Glaze for the wood panels
  • Dark Walnut Envisions Glaze for the wood trim
  • Black Envisions Glaze on the tires
  • White Concepts Underglaze (#244) for the white walls
  • Bright Grey Concepts Underglaze (#202) for the glass
  • Light Grey Concepts Underglaze (#201) for the chrome
  • Light Taupe Concepts Underglaze (#211) for the reflections in the glass and chrome
  • Light Straw Concepts Underglaze (#11) for the headlights
  • Dark Grey Concepts Underglaze (#203) for the undercarriage
  • Neon Chartreuse (#503), Bright Wintergreen (#162) & Dark Kiwi (#173) Concepts Underglaze for the flames
  • Leaf Green Envisions Glaze for the rest of the body
  • Satin Clear Brilliance Glaze over the underglaze on the windows and undercarriage
  • Glossy Clear Pure Brilliance (our regular clear glaze) over the rest of the underglazes

Wow…that looks like a long list, no wonder it took me so long.  It was worth it though, here’s how it turned out…

I bet you didn’t think it was going to be green.

We still have some more of these banks and a bunch of other cool stuff too.  If you’d like to try combining glazes and underglazes on your next piece, just ask and we’ll be more than happy to show you how.  Here’s a few other shots of pieces made by customers for more inspiration, I even threw a picture of another one that I did…




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