Birthday Parties

You Provide the Cup Cakes and the Guests
We Take Care of All the Rest

We make birthday parties easy at Your Creation Station! You’ll know its a party as soon as you walk through the door. We decorate the store with crepe streamers, balloons for everybody, a big tie-dyed Happy Birthday Banner and a brightly colored table cloth. Then the fun really starts…every guest picks a piece of pottery to paint, the colors they want to use and then its time to paint! After the painting is done, there is plenty of time for cup cakes and presents before handing out the goody bags that we provide. Once you leave, we glaze each piece, fire it and wrap them up so its easy for the party host to pick up and distributes to the guests.

Birthday Party Packages

Pottery Party – $25 per Child

Our basic party, each guest picks a piece of pottery from our party shelf filled with figurines kids love to paint the most. If desired, guests may choose from any where in the store but if the piece exceeds $25, we add the difference at the end or we can direct your guests to pieces up to any limit you choose. The party lasts an hour and a half with plenty of time for snacks, cake and presents. Please Note: The party host is responsible for picking up all the pieces and distributing them to their guests.

Tie-Dye Party – $25 per Child

If you’ve ever been to Your Creation Station, then you know our tie-dyes come out awesome. PLUS…all the mess stays in our store, we have all the dyes, bottles, fixer, rubber bands, gloves, experience, et. al. you could ever think of for doing tie-dye. We help your guests to tie designs such as: hearts, spirals, sun flowers, bull’s eyes, strips and more. Tie-dye parties last for about an hour and a half with plenty of time for snacks, cake and presents. Guests leave that day with their shirt, an instruction sheet on how to wash out before wearing, a goodie bag and a big smile.

Canvas Painting Party – $25 per Child

Have an instructor led canvas painting for your child’s next birthday. We’ll take your party guests step by step through a design of your choice. We’ll paint a 9″ x 12″ canvas at an un-rushed pace. There is with lots of opportunity for individualized expression and plenty of time for cake and presents. Everyone leaves that day with their finished, ready to hang masterpiece, a goodie bag and a balloon.

Fused Glass Party – $30 per Child

Fused Glass is very popular here at Your Creation Station so we thought, it would be great to have a fused glass birthday party! With this package, your guests will make a fused glass sun catcher using our selection of fusible glass. Its easy to do and the results are spectacular. Since we work with actual pieces of glass, we recommend party guests be at least 6 years old for this project.

No Minimum Number of Guest – Twelve Guests Maximum
A $50 Non-Refundable Deposit is Required When Reserving Your Party
Party host is responsible for picking up and distributing finished pieces to their guests…
we just don’t have the room to hold them here.
Please limit the number of parents accompanying children. Other customers will be in the studio at the same time as your party and space is limited, especially during holiday seasons.