Who We Are

We are Ryefield Ceramics Inc dba Your Creation Station.  First established in 2005 as Ryefield Ceramics, making and selling our pottery at regional craft fairs, farmers’ markets and anywhere else we could.  A paint your own pottery booth soon followed and in 2008 we opened a paint your own pottery studio named Your Creation Station where anyone can just walk in, pick a piece of pottery and paint it!  We do much more than that now but painting pottery is still the main thing at our studio.  Once the store opened, pottery production moved from our basement to our store and then back to the basement.  For a more complete discussion about Ryefield CeramicsYour Creation Station or the man behind the curtain please see our respective websites.

Picking Up Your Finished Projects

Many of the projects at Your Creation Station need to be fired at least once before they are ready.  We fire our kilns as soon as they are filled but never less than once a week so turnaround for firing pottery is generally no longer than a 7 days.  During busy seasons, like Christmas and Father’s Day, we fire more often. If provided with contact information, we will send notification via text message and e-mail when your project is packed and ready to pick up. Projects are considered abandoned after 90 days from the date of your receipt. We try to keep items as long as we can but eventually we run out of room and have to make space for other items.  We are not responsible for items left over 90 days.

Shipping, Delivery and Pickup

We make every effort to ship items in the most timely fashion possible.  Depending on what you order, here are guidelines for how long to wait, we try to make our estimates as conservative as possible.  In practice we strive to complete custom work as quickly as we can however, production times may, at times, be effected by circumstances beyond our control.  In general, leave yourself as much time as possible for a custom order to be completed, especially if you have a deadline.  If you have special requests or a deadline you need to meet, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do, many times we are able to fill the order in time.

  • Stoneware Pottery (Ryefield Ceramics) – In stock items ship within 5 business days.  Custom items may take longer.  Stoneware pottery ships from our studio.
  • Earthenware Bisque  – In stock items ship within 5 business days.  Earthenware bisque ships from our studio.
  • Pickup – We fill orders for pickup during our normal business hours. If you order outside of our business hours, we will fill your order when we open next. It generally takes anywhere from ten minutes to an hour.
  • Custom Work – Any other requests for custom work may realistically take from 6 to 8 weeks to complete depending on our schedule, time of year and work load.

We ship mainly through FedEx.  At our discretion, we may ship some items through other carriers, including FedEx or USPS.  Actual shipping times may, at times, be effected by circumstances we have no control over, including but not limited to: weather, seasonal volume, or government actions.  For items shipping from our studio, we don’t deliver shipments to the carriers on the weekends and our store is closed on Mondays.  That doesn’t mean we’re not working on those days, we just don’t ship on them.

Privacy & Security

For a complete discussion of our how we use, store and secure your information, please visit our Privacy Policies page.

Returns, Exchanges & Replacements

All Sales are Final. No refunds, exchanges or returns. All deposits are non-refundable.

For a complete discussion of our returns, exchanges and replacements policy, please visit our Refund and Returns page.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Diners Club.  Payment may also be made by check however, we will not ship any item until the check clears your bank.  There is an additional $35 fee for returned checks, this fee applies each time the check is returned.  Unpaid returned check fees will delay the shipment of your order.  All items are priced as marked.  Items marked as “Clearance” may not be returned or exchanged.

Earthenware Bisque Pricing

Pricing in our studio is All Inclusive, that means we provide the paint, we glaze the piece for you  and we fire it, all for one price.  Any earthenware bisque you may purchase through our on-line store does not include anything, you only get the bisque.  While we will fire pieces not purchased in our retail storefront for a reasonable fee, you will quickly find there is no cost savings to be gained by purchasing a piece of bisque online and bringing it into the studio to finish.  If you live in Delaware, your best bet is to just stop and do everything at the studio.  Its easy, fun and relaxing…plus, we clean up the mess.

Wholesale Accounts

We do offer wholesale pricing for earthenware bisque we produce as well as for our stoneware pottery.  Please call us to set up an account.