Fused Glass

Image – Fused Glass
Windchimes Finished

What It Is

Fused Glass projects consist of pieces of colored glass, arranged on a clear blank base that are placed in the kiln and melted flat together. We have boxes of special fuseable glass to cut into different shapes and sizes and combine with pebble shaped glass, angle hair pasta shaped glass, linguine shaped glass and crushed glass frits for an endless combination of possibilities. The result are sure to impress and fascinate. All projects are fired in the kiln so you’ll have to come back in a few days to pick up your finished project. We fire glass no less than once a week.

How To Do It

At Your Creation Station, we offer Fused Glass as both “walk in and do it” type project as well as in an instructor-led, project based, workshop format.

Fused Glass Project Workshops

If you’ve never worked with glass before or if your just more comfortable having someone on hand to ask questions of, try one of our Fused Glass Workshops. Workshops are project based and include everything you’ll need to complete whatever project the class is doing as well as an instructor to guide your through selecting materials and using the tools to cut and assemble glass for fusing. Currently, we offer about two workshops a month doing projects such as wind chimes, glass bowls, butteryflies and others. Workshop registration can be completed online or by calling the studio during business hours.

Walk-In Fused Glass

Image – Fused Glass in Kiln
Fused glass projects ready to be unloaded from the kiln.

Ala Carte – Pick Your Own

By far, this offers the most flexibility for achieving your creative vision. Choose the size of clear base appropriate for your project and use the tools and glass we have available to plan, cut and assemble your design. If you have a project in mind, we’ll help you pick what you need and get you started, if you don’t have a project in mind, there are plenty of examples in the studio for inspiration. We also maintain a very active Fused Glass Pinterest board and Instagram page for more ideas.

Pricing starts at $20 for a 2″ x 2″ piece and includes all the fuseable glass, frits, noodles, stringers, pebbles, etc. to complete your design, as well as one fire and any galvanized wire or string needed for hanging or embedding hooks in the glass. For customers interested in a more polished look, we also offer hardware kits containing the correct number and assortment of high temp wire, chains, jump rings, etc. needed to complete a particular project or add a special accent.

Fused Glass People MagnetsProject Kits

Don’t feel like planning and cutting? Try one of our specially assembled project kits. Each kit contains the correct number and assortment of clear base glass, jewelry findings, chains, etc., needed to make complete the kit. We have a kits for making jewelry, bugs, mirrors, picture frames, wind chimes and more. Project kits are priced per kit and vary depending on the size of the glass, the project and hardware included.