Make Your Own Pottery

Make Your Own Pottery at Your Creation Station!

Making Windchimes

Come in any day but Monday and you’ll be able to walk in and make your own piece of pottery, from scratch, out of a piece of clay.  Bend, mold and shape the clay any way you like or follow one of our project patterns to complete your creation.  We’ll dry the clay, fire it and have it ready for you to paint on your next visit.  Our experienced and friendly staff will be on hand to assist and guide throughout your creative experience.

How It Works

Make and Paint

Make your own pottery at Your Creation Station will work much like other projects at our studio, picking what you want to make will probably be the hardest part.  When you get here, we’ll have any number of tried and tested projects, and finished examples, you can choose to make.  Projects are priced individually and include templates for cutting the correct shapes, molds for forming the clay, all the firing, paints and glazes as well as any hardware needed to successfully complete the project.  While working on your project, you’ll have access to all the tools, textures and equipment on hand to add your own finishing touches.  Sorry, but we do not have a potter’s wheel available at this time.  Plan on two trips to complete your project, one to make it and one to paint it, and another trip to pick up to completed project.  Projects will be ready to paint by the following Wednesday.

Open Studio

Have your own idea in mind?  No problem, we offer an Open Studio option as well.  For Open Studio projects, we charge by pound and include access to the to all the tools, textures and equipment in the studio to complete your project.  Unfortunately, we do not have a potter’s wheel available to use.  However, we do have plenty of project ideas on hand and our staff will be on hand to assist and guide you.  Projects need to be completed and ready to dry on the day you start it.

When, How Much and What to Wear

Come in any day but Monday from 10 AM to 7 PM (Sundays Noon to 5 PM) ready to get your hands dirty.  Dress comfortably but come in something you don’t mind getting clay on.  The clay won’t ruin your cloths and it comes out in the wash but don’t wear your Sunday’s best either.


Pricing is all inclusive – one price, two trips to complete.  There are no sitting fees or extra charges for firing and glazes.  For Make and Paint projects, each project includes any additional hardware and the cost depends on the project you choose.  Projects start at $15.  For Open Studio projects clay costs $30 per pound.