Stepping Stone Kit


Make a Stepping Stone

Choose from 5 different designs.

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All the stuff you’ll need to make a concrete stepping stone for you yard or garden.  Each kit contains a 9″ stepping stone form, a bag of cement and pieces for your design.  There five designs available to choose from.  Pick your design, add it to your cart and then checkout.

Making Your Stepping Stone

Mix the Concrete

Pour the concrete into the pan
Add 1 Cup of water to the Pan
Mix the concrete until smooth
Lift the pan a little and gently drop the pan to remove air bubbles.

Arrange the Design

Arrange the pieces on the cement, in the pan.
Gently embed the pieces into the cement by pressing and wiggling.
Let the stepping stone stand for at least 3 days to dry.
Find a spot in your yard, place your stepping stone and enjoy

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