Open For Business!

Opening Day 2019

Our move is complete, all our inspections and certificates are finished and we are open for business as normal. Our first day being open to the public is November 7, 2019.

Any pieces painted in our old location have been fired and are ready to pick up.

Thanks to everyone who helped us get settled in, we had a lot of help and support from everyone. It is greatly appreciated.

We’ve Moved!

We’ve completed our move to the new location but unfortunately, we are unable to open for business until we are given our Certificate of Occupancy from the town. Once the certificate has been issued we’ll be able to allow customers into the store.

When Will Be Open To Customers?

As of today, November 1, 2019, we’ve completed our final building inspection are are waiting for one final inspection from Middletown. I understand the process isn’t long, probably a couple of days, but it needs to be complete. The town has been very supportive of our move and business and we expect everything to be completed early next week.

Where Did We Move To?

Our new location is 318 E. Main Street, Middletown, DE 19709