Selected Group Canvas Painting Designs

Group canvas paintings are on a 9″ x 12″ canvas, square canvases shown here are adapted to fit. Some pictures (ex. the fish, the monsters, the sunflowers) are actually multiple canvases, they were just photographed together for simplicity.

These are only a few designs we’ve used before but we are open to most other designs ides you may have or come across. We generally look for a single subject or an open land/sea scape design allowing for painters to add their own unique touches. A single flower is much easier to paint than a field of sunflowers with a flock of birds flying overhead.

We’re shooting for everyone to paint the same thing but not necessarily the same way. For example, the fish are essentially the same shape but can be made to look quite different depending the painters preference. On beach scenes, painters can add dolphins, planes, starfish, etc. to their liking.