Light Up Pottery Pre-Order Extravaganza

Light Up Pottery Extravaganza

A few weeks ago we added the ability for our customers to pre-order a popular Christmas piece (the Vintage Truck with Tree Light Up) and the response was great. Since one good turn deserves another, we’re making the offer again PLUS we’re increasing the number of items available. For this Pre-Order event, we’re offering pieces that light up!

How It Works

Choose the pieces you want, add them to the cart and complete the check out process. During checkout, you’ll be able to specify if you want to paint the pieces at home or in the studio. If you want to paint at home, please specify what colors you want in the note section during checkout. After the pre-order period is over, we’ll order the pieces and send you a message when they come in.

What to Expect

Once you complete checkout, you’ll receive a confirmation of your pre-order by e-mail. Your credit card will be charged upfront for the piece you ordered. When the pieces arrive from our supplier, we will send you another e-mail and/or text message that its ready to pick-up. Please be sure you want the piece when you order it. All Sales Are Final – No Refunds. If for some reason (supplier is out of stock, pieces arrive broken, etc) and we can not get the item we will offer a refund.

Light Up Pottery Pieces

Pickup Delayed Until June 21, 2020

Good morning,

Unfortunately, we had an issue getting the kiln fired last night and project scheduled to be completed and picked up for today, June 20, 2020 will not be ready. If you received a message with a link to this post, your project was included in this kiln load.

As of now, just before noon, the kiln is heating up and we expect it to be finished and cool enough to unload by tomorrow morning. I plan on being at the studio early Sunday, approximately 8 AM, to open and unload and will send a message to everyone when we’re sure we can unload pieces without them breaking.

I realize many projects in the kiln are gifts for Father’s Day and I and I can’t apologize enough for not having them ready on time. Handmade gifts are among the most cherished and we try our best to make sure things are ready when we say they will be, unfortunately we missed the mark today. Again, my sincerest apologizes.