Christmas Ornament Workshop

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Select the date and time you want to come in to make your own Christmas ornaments from a pound of clay.  See the description below for more details.

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Its not the holidays yet but they are getting close – quick.  With Christmas around the corner it means its time for Your Creation Station‘s Christmas Ornament Workshop!  Roll out a pound of clay and make ornaments from it using cookie cutters we have here in the studio or you can bring your own.  After you finish making your ornaments, we’ll fire them and you can come back at your convivence to paint them.  Once painted, we’ll fire them again and then they’re ready to hang on your tree or give away as gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do We Need to Sign Up?

To participate in the Christmas Ornament Workshop, pick one of the designated Christmas Ornament Workshop days and specify how many pounds of clay you want to work with.  When the day arrives, come into the studio to make your ornaments.  After your finished, we’ll let the clay dry and fire them for you to paint.  After your ornaments are painted, we’ll fire them again and let you know they are ready.

What If We Can’t Come in on a Workshop Day?

If you can’t make it on one of the Workshop Days, come in when you can (during our normal business hours) and we’ll get you set you up to make your ornaments.  Having designated Workshop Days makes it easier for us to manage the things, we’ll have everything set up when you get here and have extra staff on hand (hopefully) to help.  However, don’t let not being available on one of those days stop you from making your ornaments.

How Many Ornaments in a Pound of Clay?

Depending on how big your pieces are, expect to get anywhere from 3 to 25 ornaments from 1 lb. of clay.  Most people make about 13.  Remember, it generally takes less time to make them then it does to paint them.  If your not sure how much clay to get, remember you can always get more clay the day you come in but once you buy a pound of clay at sign up, its yours.  All sales are final.

What Do We Do To Make the Ornaments?

Making Ornaments
Cut your ornaments out of the rolled out clay.

Making Christmas ornaments from clay is a lot like making Christmas cookies except you won’t want to eat them.  After we roll the clay out flat in our slab roller, you can pick from our extensive collection of cookie cutters to cut the ornaments our of the clay.  We also have several bins full of things you can press in the clay to add texture.  Don’t forget to put a hole in it to hang from your tree and your initials and the year so we know they’re yours and you remember when you made them.

Can We Use Our Own Cookie Cutters?

Absolutely!  Just bring them along. The clay is basically just dirt and crushed rock so you can  wash your cookie cutters when your done and make more cookies with them.

Can We Do This At Home?

Due to the nature of clay, the making part of the Ornament Workshop has to be done at the store.  We need to make sure the clay is free of air bubbles before we roll it out otherwise the ornaments will explode in the kiln and  potentially ruin other customer’s projects.  The painting portion can be done in the studio or at home.

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