Night Light Kit


Night Light Kit – This is the kit if you want to make a night light.  All kits include: a bracket, a white switched base and a light.  There are options available for making a fused glass night light, a night light with a painted piece of glass or you can choose just the kit with no glass. 


Fused Glass Night Light kits come with pieces mentioned above as well as a pre-fired, clear piece of fused backing glass, a bag of fused glass nuggets in assorted shapes, sizes and colors, some glue and an applicator tool.  Fused glass kits need to be returned to our studio to be fired.

Float Glass Night Light kits come with the night light base mentioned above as well as a clear piece of float glass (not fired) and some glass paint to paint your own night light design.

No Glass kits come just like that, no glass only the base, bracket and bulb.

This night light kit comes with a white base with a rocker switch, a bulb and a bracket and your choice of fused glass, float glass or no glass.  Fused glass kits require firing and must be returned to the studio to be fused.

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