Ladies Night


Host a Ladies Night out at Your Creation Station.  Choose your evening, add it to the cart and go through the check out process to complete your request.  Once we’re certain one of our staff is available, we’ll send an email confirming your Ladies Night.

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Reserve a Ladies Night out at Your Creation Station

Host a Ladies Night out for friends and family at Your Creation Station. Pick an evening that works best for you and your guests from the calendar above, go through the checkout process and we’ll notify you to confirm.

What You Do, When You Do It and How Much It Costs

Ladies Nights can be scheduled any evening, but Monday, we have a staff member available.  Our studio closes at 7 but you can choose to start at 6 or 6:30 if you like.  Ladies Nights last up to 3 hours but can go longer if our staff member is willing and available to stay later.  On the evening of your Ladies Night, come in pick your projects and have fun.  As a bonus for the host, if at least five friends attend, you can work on a single project, up to $50. for free!  You can also gift your bonus to someone else in your group.

Its Not Just For Ladies

We call them “Ladies Nights” but its really for anyone.  Bring as many people as you want, whatever you like to eat or drink and have fun.  We’ve seen the gamete from family get together’s with a big table full of food, to a group of friends sitting around working on projects together.

See our Ladies Night page for more information.