Brick Mill PTO Paint Night

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Event Date: 3/8/2021
Start Time: 6:30 PM

Online Paint Night for Brick Mill Elementary School.  Sign up online, pick up your supplies at Your Creation Station and log in to paint your creation with your classmates on the day of the event.  See the description below for more details.

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This year’s painting will be the Space Odyssey and we’ll be holding the event online!  To participate, sign up on-line and we’ll put together a take home kit for your child and send you a message when its ready to pick up.  Each take home kit will include: a 9″ x 12″ canvas, paints, a pallet for mixing paints and a design template.  On the evening of the Paint Night, we’ll take you through all the steps for completing the painting during a live interactive online meeting.

Preparing for Paint Night

In addition to picking up the take home kit before the night of the painting, there are a few other items you’ll need to prepare or have ready.  At this time, paint brushes are not included in the kit, you will need to either use paint brushes you have at home or pick some up before hand.


If you need to purchase brushes, your best bet is to pick up an inexpensive pack of brushes from Michaels or order some from Amazon.  We hope to have a modest quantity of brushes for sale at Your Creation Station in the near future but we are currently out of stock.

Hair Dryer

We’ll be working on the painting in steps and each step will need to dry before applying the paint for the next step.  You’re painting experience will go much smoother if you have a hair dryer handy to help dry each layer of paint.  We use small travel sized hair dryers in the studio but any size will work.  If you don’t have a hair dryer, no problem but you will have to wait a little longer for the paint to dry by itself.

Work Area

We’ll be working with acrylic paints that will mostly likely stain or be difficult to come out of fabrics, carpets or furniture.  While this isn’t necessarily a messy process, care should be taken to cover anything you don’t want to accidently get paint on.  You’ll also need a container of water to clean brushes in.  Your paint at home kit will contain some paper towels but it would be a good idea to have some extra on hand just in case.

Join In Online

This year’s Brick Mill PTO Paint Night will take place on-line using Zoom.  Details regarding links, logging in and other specifics required to participate will be made available once they are finalized.  Please make sure your e-mail address and phone number is correct when you order your take home kit as this is how we anticipate being able to get specific information to you.

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6:30 PM