Make and Paint Workshop – Fairy House


Event Date: 01/26/2020
Start Time: 1:00 PM

Make your own fairy house from clay and then come back and paint it after its been fired.   Fun for all ages.

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Make your own fairy house out of clay during our two-part Make and Paint workshop.   For The first part of the workshop, you’ll be making a the house out of clay using our slab roller, project templates, tools and your own hands.   Press designs into the wet clay or add vines and small flowers you mold with your fingers.   After you’re finished, we’ll fire the piece and it will be ready to paint when you return.

Plan on two trips to complete your project and one more to pick it up after the final fire.   On the day of the workshop, expect to spend about 2 hours molding and shaping your fairy house.   When your finished, you’ll leave the project at our studio to dry and be bisque fired.   About a week later you can come back at your convenience to paint the project and have it glazed and fired again.   Dress comfortably in cloths you don’t mind getting dirty.   Both the clay and paint easily come out of cloths, hair and skin and shouldn’t stain.   Smocks are available.

This project is easily accomplished by any anyone at any skill levels and is suitable for school age children, teens and adults.

The cost of the workshop includes all materials, tools, instructions, etc. to successfully complete the project.   All workshop registrations are non-refundable.   Please be sure you can attend the workshop before sighing up.   See our policy page for more information.   Walk-in are welcome but space is limited and pre-registering for the workshop will make sure we have a spot for you.

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1:00 PM