Changes To Our Normal Schedule

Hours of Operation During the State of Emergency

Visiting the Studio

For years, it was easy to know when you could come to the studio…10 to 7 everyday but Monday, Noon to 5 Sunday. I don’t think our hours changed once since we opened in 2008. From the start, being available as much as possible and keeping a predictable and reliable schedule helped us stay open during a time when many other businesses weren’t able to. Between that and the the tremendous support from the community we’ve enjoyed through the years, here we are, ready to weather another storm. However, circumstances being what they are, it seems this time a temporary adjustment is in order.

For the time being, inside access to the studio is very limited. Please call ahead or contact us through our Facebook page if you need more paints or other supply so we can prepare if for you to pick up. We are making pottery, canvas and other projects available online for pickup and are looking forward to introducing some new projects for home. We look forward to continuing our Facebook Live Broadcasts of Story Time.

Order Online – 24/7

There’s a silver lining in the cloud. Although the present situation put a strain on our walk in traffic, it has allowed us to expand our capacity to order take out pottery from our Online Studio. We’ve been taking online workshop registrations for some time now but ordering Creations to Go kits through our website is brand new. We expect to expand the projects you can do at home in the coming weeks and continue our online service once things get back to normal.

When To Pick Up and Drop Off

We will be available to pick up orders placed online, drop off projects to be fired, pick up completed projects or for more paint as follows. We may also be available by chance, call and check or message us here to see.

Hours for Pick Up and Drop Off

  • Tuesday: 11 – 2
  • Wednesday: 11- 2
  • Thursday: 4 – 7
  • Friday: 4-7
  • Saturday: 12-4
  • Sunday: 12-4
  • Monday: Closed

When Will Things Get Fired

We plan on keeping our normal, at least once a week, more if we need to, firing schedule. For the time being we expect to projects to be ready for pick up on Sundays. If you have a project to be fired please have it to us by Saturday.

Subject to Change

Given the way things have been going, looking even a few days ahead feels bold. Much like everyone else, this is new ground for us. If things come to pass such that circumstances warrant more changes, we’ll adjust again, update this page and let you know what’s up as best we can.

Thank you for your support and patience.