Story Times Past – Playlists

Living Happily Every After on YouTube and Facebook

When we had to close our studio to walk in customers in March 2020, we didn’t want to stop doing our Story Times, they were a lot of fun. So, we started broadcasting them live on our Facebook page. Once we got into the groove of it, we went back and recorded all the stories we read live in person and posted the videos to our YouTube channel. Then we started recording them after broadcasting them live. Then we had to do something with them, so we made some playlists and posted them on social media where they’ll live as happily ever after as a video file for everyone to watch.

Facebook and YouTube Video Story Time Playlists

There’s a couple things to note about the playlists. The YouTube Playlist includes all the stories we’ve read from when we first started this series, the Facebook Playlist only starts in the last week of March. Mostly because of our setup and skill level, remember – we’re potters, not video producers, the recordings are smother than the video from our live broadcast. Both lists are fun to watch.

Story Time Companion Pieces

If you want to paint one of the companion pieces that goes along with the story, you can purchase individual pieces from our online studio or choose any three, in stock, companion pieces and get each for the original Story Time price, a 25% savings.

YouTube Playlist

Facebook Playlist

If no video appears below, please go directly to our Facebook Story Time Playlist to find all our stories..
Facebook Story Time Playlist
A sample of what’s on our Facebook Video Story Time Playlist